May 2016 

Vol. 1, NumbeR 4


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Message from the Associate Dean for Academics is a pleasure to write the academic affairs issue of the Lewis School E-News.

One of the more important aspects of being an associate dean is to support faculty and students in their development. The Lewis School holds many bright and talented faculty who are very good teachers.  Equally, we have very motivated and receptive students. To this end, we will be graduating approximately 311 new graduates on May 7th and wish them great success as they begin their professional career or as some will be moving to more academic work.  Our graduates benefit greatly from our faculty’s expertise in the classroom, in their clinical practicums, and from the outcomes of our faculty scholarly activities.  We highly applaud all these faculty and student achievements. 

Did you know that the Lewis School Ambassador program is growing!  We now have nine Lewis School Ambassadors representing all matriculating units. These students also model the excellence of our faculty and staff in the Lewis School.  Please help us congratulate these students at one of our next events.  They are: Olutosin Ajala (Nutrition), Mohammed Alqahtani (Respiratory Therapy), Jasmine Benitez (Respiratory Therapy), Anna Elizabeth Huff (Nutrition), Maya Kelkar (Nursing), Lindsay Mishaw (Physical Therapy), Naisha Renous (Health Informatics), Olivia Sabina (Nutrition) and Bradley Young (Respiratory Therapy).   

In this issue, we are pleased to recognize Professor Chip Zimmerman for receiving the 2016 Lewis School Teaching Excellence Award which comes with a $10,000 award to use on an instructional initiative.  Chip is a graduate of our respiratory therapy program and returned to Georgia State University, first as a part-time instructor, and then as a full-time faculty member in 2006.  Over the past ten years, he has continuously modeled good teaching, whether this was in a PSC lab, in a clinical setting, or in the classroom.  But this award is not only to recognize his past teaching accomplishments, but to allow him to focus on his leadership within the Lewis School interprofessional collaborative.  Allowing our students from all disciplines to learn together the needed communication and leadership skills in the clinical setting is critical for our graduates’ success and to the patients they will serve. Chip will use these experiences to create and showcase student outcomes thereby authenticating his talents as a teacher-scholar worthy of future teaching awards.  We look forward to his future successes.

Lastly, I am very excited to introduce a new web page being added under the Lewis School website.  The Lewis School Teacher Scholar Academy is designed to showcase our teacher-scholars and to applaud their scholarly activities and accomplishments. As an example, Chip Zimmerman is highlighted on this inaugural web page for his Lewis School Teaching Excellence Award!  Other items highlighted on this website are: the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI), a free assessment of one’s teaching perspectives. The TPI is different from how to teach to different learning styles but is a way of learning how one considers their own teaching and how this may affect your students and outcomes in the classroom.  Also, a virtual library of teaching and learning references are posted and will continue to grow as we add new books, articles, and other sources.  Teaching award announcements, article reviews, and a “Thank-a-Teacher button” are just a few of the items to be added in the coming months.  Your input is welcomed as this will be a very fluid web page with monthly updates and changes as we become teaching-resources for each other.  Perhaps a teaching circle or book club may arise, or even a Twitter feed!  Stay tuned.

Teach well!

Lynda Goodfellow
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


 Departmental News

Health Informatics begins offering a graduate certificate in clinical health informatics
in Fall 2016. This 18-21 credit hour program of study builds on the courses in the
B.I.S. in Health Informatics program.   The online certificate program is designed
for clinicians interested in transitioning into a careers in health informatics.

 Lewis School

Honors Day
Congratulations to the Lewis School Honors Day recipients! Students, alumni and
community members received honors for their academic, clinical, leadership and
research achievements. In addition, more than 45 honor society members were
recognized for the Alpha Eta and Lambda Beta honor societies. Sigma Theta Tau
nursing honor society held inductions later on April 18.

As the recipient of the 2015 Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health
Professions Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, Barbara Hopkins gave the
keynote speech.

Graduate research conference

The Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions held its first Graduate Research Conference April 11.  A big thank you to Jessica Todd for coordinating the event!  More than 25 students in all four of the current graduate-level academic areas of nursing, nutrition, physical therapy and respiratory therapy presented 16 posters.

Winners of the first Lewis School Graduate Research Conference were
Sheela Shah and Jessica Johnson of the Department of Physical Therapy for
Enhancing Outcomes for Patients Post-Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Land-Based and Aquatic Therapy.

There was a tie for second place. Nick Housley, Carson Scott, Kathleen Grundy, Alison Bishop, Christopher Lane, Kristian Lawrence, all of the Department of Physical Therapy presented Improved Upper Extremity Function in Stroke Patients Using the Tongue Drive System and Hand Mentor: A Preliminary Study.
Caitlin Hobbs and Kimberly Dickerson of the Department of Nutrition also placed second with Farm-to-Business Plan for the GSU Childhood Development Center.
Judging this year’s conference were Dr. Lisa Armistead, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies; Dr. Kinsuk Maitra, Department of Occupational Therapy, Lewis School; Jennee Marquis M.Ed., Doctoral Student, College of Education and Human Development; and Dr. Gregory Poon, Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences.

Dean and nutrition chair trip to China

Instead of relaxing at a beach or a lake, Dean Nancy Kropf and Dr. Huanbiao Mo, chair of nutrition, spent their spring break visiting four Chinese universities in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Resisting the distraction of the scenic West Lake in Hangzhou and unfazed by the traffic of 25 million people in Shanghai, they completed several productive meetings with faculty at Hangzhou Normal University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University. During the trip, Kropf and Mo met with leaders and faculty in the universities to discuss several potential partnerships and collaborations.

The trip ended in a meeting with the leaders of the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health at Fudan University, Mo’s alma mater.  Kropf’s overview of the Lewis School and its academic programs generated strong interest for collaboration from the Chinese universities.

Two Lewis School faculty members participated in the Next Generation research grant proposal on Global Research Against Non-communicable Disease (GRAND) Initiative, spearheaded by the dean of the School of Public Health. Dr. Gerald Zavorsky and Dr. Anita Nucci offered their expertise to the grant in the areas of asthma and nutrition/obesity respectively.

Two Lewis School programs, the Panther Pantry, which was founded and run by nutrition students, and the Physical Therapy Community Practice in Nicaragua, were honored with Carl V. Patton President’s Awards at the university annual Service Recognition Ceremony. Panther Pantry received the Outstanding Student Organization award and the PT Nicaragua Community Practice received the Outstanding University Program award. Congratulations to the students and their departments!
L to R: Dr. Mark Becker; Dr. Kimberly Morelli; Dr. Anne Lorio; Dr. Douglass Covey
L to R: Dr. Mark Becker; Diana Parker, nutrition student; Dr. Douglass Covey



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This issue, the advisory board spotlight shines on Fran Fowler, the chairperson for the board, CEO of Fowler Healthcare Affiliates, Inc., and a nursing alumna.

A childhood illness was the stepping stone to Lewis School Advisory Board Chair and Georgia State University alumna Fran Fowler’s nursing career. When she was seven, Fowler ruptured her appendix and had to undergo surgery.

“I can still remember the surgery staff assuring me that I was safe and they would personally take care of me while I was asleep. I thought then – and I still do – that people who could impart such compassion and kindness were extra special,” she says. Read more here.




Spring Convocation
Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions Convocation and Hooding will be held at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 7 in the Georgia Ballroom of the Georgia World Congress Center.  The graduation speaker will be Todd Tyson, a RT alum and member of the School Advisory Board.

Final PT summer graduation ceremony
The Department of Physical Therapy will hold its final summer Doctor of Physical Therapy graduation and hooding on Sunday, August 7 at 3 p.m. in the Rialto Center for the Arts.



faculty and staff news

Fifteen Lewis School faculty and staff were recognized at the university’s Service Recognition for employee milestones. Congratulations to the following for their years of service.

Five years
Karis Casseus
Jodan Garcia
Anne Lorio
Alisia Nash
Kenneth Slade
Deon Thompson

Ten years
Arzu Ari
Dawn Aycock
Teresa Bates
Patricia Clark
Earl Hudson

Fifteen years
Angela Go
Felisha Norrington
Annette Swaray

Twenty-five years
Lynda Goodfellow

Student News

Fortune Onwuzuruike, a senior in health informatics, was elected president of the Georgia State Student Government Association. An all-around student leader, Onwuzuruike works as a Georgia State Welcome Center tour guide and a peer mentor in the Summer Success Academy. He is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Onwuzuruike is currently interning with the American Heart Association, an internship he found on his own, says health informatics program director Tamara Melton.

Erin Boatwright, nutrition coordinated program master’s student, was awarded the outstanding Coordinated Program student award for Georgia.

Congratulations to Alexis Collier for receiving the George M. Sparks Award. The Sparks Award recognizes Georgia State’s unsung heroes among the students, faculty and staff. Alexis is a first semester health informatics student.

Diana Parker, undergraduate nutrition student, was selected as a semi-finalist for a Fulbright Scholarship. Parker is also a student in the Georgia State University Honors College.


Alumni News

Meredith Hornbuckle, a nutrition coordinated program alumna, recently passed the CSP exam. She is now board certified as a specialist in pediatrics. Hornbuckle is the Ketogenic Dietitian for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.


Congratulations to Arzu Ari for having one of the university’s most downloaded publications for 2015. Her article evaluating nebulizers was downloaded 3,472 times over the course of a year. View the publication here.

Dawn Aycock is the recipient of the 2016 Nursing Achievement Award from the Atlanta Chapter of Chi Eta Phi International Nursing Sorority Inc., for her distinguished service to nursing education, practice and administration. In addition, she has been selected as a scholar for the New York University School of Medicine PRIDE peer-mentor training program and will be assigned two PRIDE junior investigators to mentor. PRIDE (PRograms to Increase Diversity among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research) is a NIH funded one-year program.

Katherine Evans has been selected as a 2016 Fellow by the Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP).

Eva Horne was appointed to the Georgia Composite Medical Board Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Committee.

Regena Spratling was elected Member-At-Large for the Executive Board of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners for 2016-2018.

Savannah Stephens has been admitted to the pilot class of the Georgia State Women’s Mentoring Program. She is one of 15 applicants chosen from a pool of more than 40 for this program. The mission of the Women’s Mentoring Program is to inspire, empower and support female staff at Georgia State University through mentoring, training and networking.

Jessica Todd has been awarded the Distinguished Service to the Greater Atlanta District Award by the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Desiree Wanders has been chosen as the first recipient of the by the Lewis Foundation Research Award Program for her proposal entitled, “Mechanisms Behind Dietary Methionine Restriction-induced Improvements in Obesity-induced Inflammation and Metabolic Dysfunction.”

Chip Zimmerman was selected to receive the 2016 Lewis School Teaching Excellence Award for his work “Interprofessional Education in the Nursing and Health Professions Undergraduate Education.”


Kelley, S. (2016) Challenges Facing Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Parent-absent Households, University of Sydney School of Nursing/Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.


Arzu Ari, respiratory therapy, received new research funding from ARC Medical to study Effect of HME on Aerosol Drug Delivery and Airway Resistance in Simulated Ventilator Dependent Adults



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